Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Style Update: Mark Wright DVD signing Lakeside Shopping centre 28th March 2011

Aside from all of the TOWIE headlines today, lots of you have been asking about Mark Wright’s outfit at last night’s DVD signing with particular a focus on his choice of footwear. 

So for all of you fashion fans that want to get the look you’ll be pleased to know that TOWIEStyle has the inside knowledge to keep you informed.

Mark’s jeans are by trusted denim makers Diesel, a wardrobe must have for any guy, the smokin’ skull t-shirt costs £45 and is created by up and coming chic menswear brand Judas Sinned, you can purchase this and anything else from their range online or contact the website and find your nearest stockist at www.judassinned.com

Mark’s great Puma trainers are from the amazing ‘Alexander McQueen with Puma’ range and can be purchased at £175 from their website. Check out the full McQueen and Puma collaboration on www.puma.com


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