Thursday, 7 July 2011

TSTYLE dresses Louise Harris from DIVA DOGS for the biggest Doggy Party ever!

TStyle spent the morning with Louise Harris, the business brains behind the amazing Diva Dogs.

Diva Dogs is more than just a grooming parlour for your pet pooch, it is a whole lifestyle store jammed packed with some of the most amazing Doggy items you could only dream of!

Louise and her beautiful doggy 'Lola' are filming with Firecracker productions and the show will give you a huge insight into the amazing world of the champagne lifestyle for a 'womans best friend'. The show is to be aired on prime time TV in the autumn.

It’s a bumper filled show, but to top it show off Louise is hosting the UK'S BIGGEST DOGGY PARTY EVER. Complete with competitions for the most Diva-ish Dog, Blingy-ist Bitch, most pimped pooch and moreWith a whole host of VIP’s in attendance of the human and canine variety it is going to be a party no to be missed.

So in order for Louise not to be outshone buy her pet pooches, TStyle were drafted in to film a styking session choosing Louise the most fabulous outfit.

We arrived armed with bags of beautiful dresses and managed to whittle it down to our final 3 favs!

Which one do you think Louise chose?  

It was a big decision as Lola the Yorkshire Terrier will be appearing in a mini me outfit! Toooo cute.  You’ll have to buy a ticket or tune in to the show to see.

For the dog lovers amongst you tickets and more information are available from WWW.DIVADOGS.CO.UK.


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