Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Towie girls wear GORGEOUS COUTURE party dress special! Shop Luxe for Less in the GC sale!

These uber stylish dresses by Gorgeous Couture are not only an absolute hit with all of the Towie girls, but pretty much every damn celeb that we love, have rocked up on the red carpet in one of these slick, stylish and not to mention super sexy little numbers at some point.

It could be something to do with the great fabrics they use, the cut, and the fact that they come in almost every colour imagineable - a small price to pay to look a million dollars we think!  I know we're harping on a bit but Towiestyle are pretty much saying if you want that 'Wow' factor for this party season then check out our 5 hot picks from http://www.gorgeouscouture.com/

SHOP NOW and get you a bit of luxe for less by saving yourself up to 60% in their awesome SALE!

The Bosworth Swarovski Dress in black, £169

The Keyhole-Back Kate Dress, in black, £318.75

The Anna Swarovski Dress in white , £280

The Amy Swarovski Dress in blush, £189
The Zanna Swarovski Dress in midnight blue , £189Happy Shopping


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