Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lydia Rose Bright loves JINNYlash eyelash extensions!

Lydia Bright recently revealed in NOW magazine one of her biggest beauty secrets was how much she is a fan of JINNYlash unrivalled lash treatments.

NOW Magazine
Lydia after her Jinny lash treatment

JINNYlash tailor make each set suit you. Choose from cute corner-lash kicks, through to a more graduated finish, you pick!

With an impressive celebrity following, JINNYlash extensions are the easiest way to achieve fuller, thicker eyelashes. With a selection of length, curl type and thickness,JINNYlash extensions are tailor made to each individual and incredibly natural. It is often difficult to differentiate the real eyelash from the false extension. With no visible bonds and results lasting up to 4 weeks, JINNYlash extensions are also available in a subtle range of colours including violet and navy, for a sexy flash of colour.

The JINNYlash extension process is pain-free and does not damage the natural
eyelash. Each eyelash extension is glued onto your existing natural eyelash using a hypoallergenic lash bond. They remain in place for approximately 4 weeks
Each extension is delicately attached by the world class team of technicians who
ensure the client is relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.


With an easily accessible head salon located in the heart of London, JINNYlash technicians are on hand for an express service that can be incorporated into a lunch hour. They will ensure perfect lashes all year round with single eyelash extension replacements when required.


JINNYlash cost £1 per single lash extension (£75 for a half set and £150 for a full set The JINNYLash head salon is located at 16 James Street, London, W1U 1EG


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